Droning on episode 100 charity album: "pipes for peace" promo for peace through music international.

This is James from the Droning On podcast giving you all the info you need about his wonderful charity album called ‘Pipes for Peace’. The album aims to raise money and awareness for the Peace Through Music International charity: a charity that teaches people, especially kids, from conflict zones to play musical instruments. If you can help in any way, please buy the album – where 100% of the proceeds will go to this amazing charity – and you might even win yourselves some sweet swag! (including Generation whistles)

Introducing the Elfsong EnChantress by Generation.

Designed by Sandy Jasper and brought to life by Generation Music, the EnChantress combines the traditional fingering of the great highland bagpipes with Generation’s world-renowned flageolet mouthpiece. 

Watch the video for an introduction to the newest member of the Generation instrument family by designer Sandy Jasper.

Walk Off The Earth - don't cry // Guns N' Roses bluegrass cover.

This is the super-talented Walk Off The Earth with an amazing bluegrass rendition of the Guns N’ Roses hit ‘Don’t Cry’. 

Check out the modified, two-headed-dragon-style, Original Generation Brass whistle towards the end of the track. It’s rad!  

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Rennie Pearson - Generation Bb brass whistle

This is the brilliant Rennie Pearson playing an old Paddy Fahey jig, followed by a reel called Rip the Calcio. Played on a Generation Bb brass whistle – which he bought on his first trip to Ireland as a kid!

To find out more about this super-talented young musician check out his website

tAngerinecAt - Something Broke Inside // Live at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh

This is the amazing tAngerinecAT with a spellbinding live performance of their song Something Broke Inside. They use a Generation Bb brass whistle, mixed with a live looper and a pitch shifter to produce an otherworldly sound! 

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Original Generation Flageolet (D Brass) Demo

Philippe Barnes play tests the Generation whistles at Just Flutes.

Rise - Walk off the earth ft. Gabriela bee.

Sarah and Gianni from Walk off the Earth hooked up with Gabriela Bee of the Eh Bee Family to create a Boomwhacky version of Jonas Blue’s Rise featuring Jack & Jack!

Star Wars Theme - Tin Whistle Cover

This epic song composed by the master John Williams, with my tin whistle Generation key of Bb.

Video Killed The Radio Star - Walk off the Earth Ft. Sarah Silverman

Walk off the Earth hooked up with the amazing Sarah Silverman for this revamp of the 1979 Buggles smash hit “Video Killed The Radio Star”.

Reel and slip jig - tin whistler

This is a traditional Irish reel called The Banshee, composed by James McMahon (1893-1977), and a slip jig I found on, which I think is called the Humours of Whiskey.

The whistle used here is a nickel Generation in Bb