Happy Monday to the Generation family.

I'm honoured to share with you today a video from our friends Tin Whistler.

Tin Whistler is made up of the very talented PJ and JJ: two brothers from the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. In their own words, they mostly play traditional Irish music but also other kinds of "Celtic music": Scottish, Breton, Galician, Asturian... Mostly on Irish tin whistles/low whistles (PJ) and guitar (JJ). This video is their version of the traditional Irish jig Mist Covered Mountain, followed by Mike McGoldrick's composition Trip To Herves, on a Generation Bb whistle and guitar.

If you would like to hear more from them, follow them of Facebook and Twitter:


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Happy National Kazoo Day to all our friends in the good ol’ USA! 🇺🇸
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“These cats are cooking! The most beautiful tin whistles I’ve ever eyeballed!”* - Jack Kerouac.
Ahh, thanks, Jack. That’s really kind of you to say.
Don’t be a square, be hip like Jack and pick up one - or all of them maybe, no pressure. - of these beautiful tin whistles today by visiting #generationmusicfolk #generationboho #madeinoswestry *Jack Kerouac never actually said this. But I’m damn sure he would of done, if he’d been alive today to eyeball them!

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