Original Generation Flageolet (D Brass) Demo

Philippe Barnes play tests the Generation whistles at Just Flutes.

Rise - Walk off the earth ft. Gabriela bee.

Sarah and Gianni from Walk off the Earth hooked up with Gabriela Bee of the Eh Bee Family to create a Boomwhacky version of Jonas Blue’s Rise featuring Jack & Jack!

Star Wars Theme - Tin Whistle Cover

This epic song composed by the master John Williams, with my tin whistle Generation key of Bb.

Video Killed The Radio Star - Walk off the Earth Ft. Sarah Silverman

Walk off the Earth hooked up with the amazing Sarah Silverman for this revamp of the 1979 Buggles smash hit “Video Killed The Radio Star”.

Reel and slip jig - tin whistler

This is a traditional Irish reel called The Banshee, composed by James McMahon (1893-1977), and a slip jig I found on, which I think is called the Humours of Whiskey.