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Alfred Brown

“Am I proud? Yes. I am extremely proud of what we have created with generation music. I am proud of our hard work. Our innovation. The wonderful friendships we have made along the way. And, of course, our instruments that bring joy to young and old the world over.” – Alfred Brown. the father of generation music.


WHISTLE WEDNESDAY! This weeks whistle is the Original 68 Generation Flageolet. This is the humble whistle that started it all. Produced to the highest standards and exacting specifications since its inception in 1968, the Original 68 Generation Flageolet has been the traditional first choice of whistlers world wide. Loved by all: from legends of the folk world such as Mary Bergin to modern day pop/rock stars such as Walk Off the Earth. From masters to beginners, this really is a whistle for everyone and every Generation. Buy yours today at - link in the bio. #generationmusicfolk #generationwhistles #generationtinwhistle #generationflageolet #irishwhistles #tinwhistles #madeinoswestry ...

We’ve got a new video up on - link in bio. This is the brilliant @renniepearson playing an old Paddy Fahey jig, followed by a reel called Rip the Calcio. Played on a Generation Bb brass whistle - which he bought on his first trip to Ireland as a kid! Go to to check it out now. #generationwhistles #generationtinwhistle #generationmusicfolk #irishwhistle #flageolet #generationtinwhistle ...

#generationfamily presents...
@jol_ea a friend of Generation Music from Spain 🇪🇸, practicing on her Generation Bb brass whistle. Thank you @jol_ea A beautiful tune to start the week off on a positive note. Happy Monday to the Generation family and have a great week. Tag #generationfamily for a feature. Visit our website to buy your very own Generation Bb whistle - link in bio. #generationwhistles #generationtinwhistle #generationmusicfolk #generationmusic #tinwhistles #flageolet #generationwhistles #irishwhistles

#generationfamily presents @madonnasdickdarm aka Katharina Mork - a friend of Generation Music from Germany 🇩🇪 podcast host, beer-yoga advocate, and all round badass, rocking out on a Generation Metal Sub-Kazoo. It’s awesome! Grab a beer and enjoy. Happy Friday!
Tag #generationfamily for a feature. Visit our website to buy your very own Generation Metal Sub-Kazoo - link in the bio.
#generationmusic #generationkazoo #generationmusicfolk #kazoo #kazoos #generationmusicfolk


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check out these awesome musicians using generation instruments to make sweet, sweet music!

Rise - Walk off the Earth Ft. Gabriela Bee (Jonas Blue, Jack & Jack Cover)

Sarah and Gianni from Walk off the Earth hooked up with Gabriela Bee of the Eh Bee Family to create a Boomwhacky version of Jonas Blue’s Rise featuring Jack & Jack!

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