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Alfred Brown

“Am I proud? Yes. I am extremely proud of what we have created with generation music. I am proud of our hard work. Our innovation. The wonderful friendships we have made along the way. And, of course, our instruments that bring joy to young and old the world over.” – Alfred Brown. the father of generation music.


This is friend of @generationmusicfolk and all round good guy James from @droning.on.podcast which has just hit the milestone if it’s 100th episode! To celebrate this and to spread a little joy in the world - we certainly need it at the moment! - James has produced a charity album called ‘Pipes For Peace’ - which from tomorrow - 1st March 2024 - you’ll be able to purchase! The album aims to raise money and awareness for #peacethroughmusicinternational : a charity that teaches people, but especially kids, from conflict zones to play musical instruments. If you can help in any way, please follow the links on @droning.on.podcast and buy the album - where 100% of the proceeds will go to this amazing charity - and you might even win yourselves some sweet swag! (Including some #generationwhistles) ...

Happy New Beginnings to all of the #generationmusicfamily from all of us at #generationmusicfolk

I hope 2024 is full of merriment and cheer and peace and prosperity to you all.

“January is the open gate of the year, shut until the shortest day has passed, but now open to let in the lengthening daylight, which will soon fall on dim patches of pale green that shew where spring is still sleeping.” Chambers Book of Days 1864.

Happy Xmas to all the #generationmusicfamily from all of us at Generation Music. However you are celebrating this most wonderful time of year we hope you have a most joyous time. Celebrate and be merry. X

#generationmusicfolk #folkchristmas #marilwyd #madeinoswestry

As a way to say thank you for all of your support this year, we are offering the #generationmusicfamily 10% off all Original Generation Flageolets until Christmas Day.
All you have to do is use the code: GenerationXmas at checkout.
So pick yourself up a little last minute present to pop in your stocking - Go on… You’ve been good this year… You deserve it!

Happy Christmas from us all at #generationmusicfolk

Why not welcome in the most magical time of the year with the #elfsongenchantress by Generation.

The EnChantress combines the traditional fingering of the great highland bagpipes with Generation’s world-renowned flageolet mouthpiece.

Bagpipers can play, learn, teach, practice or perform music on a whistle developed just for them. No more transposing or re-learning fingering. No more keeping families awake during practice, and no more having to tune other instruments to Bb just so the pipers can join in. The EnChantress is tuned to D to match the most commonly played penny whistle key so pipers can join in around the campfire, at a session or on stage.

Practice traditional bagpipe ornamentation or take your playing to the next level by adding tin whistle embellishments including slides, stops, tonguing and rolls! The EnChantress allows you to explore new ways of playing by increasing your range to two octaves instead of one. There is no limit to how or where you can play the EnChantress, just your imagination.

Pick up yours today, and make your Autumn magical, by visiting our online store - link in the bio.

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For those who love to turn heads with the finest of threads, head on over to the Generation Music Merch Store now, to pick up your very own Generation Music inspired garment. Swag!

check out these awesome musicians using generation instruments to make sweet, sweet music!

Rise - Walk off the Earth Ft. Gabriela Bee (Jonas Blue, Jack & Jack Cover)

Sarah and Gianni from Walk off the Earth hooked up with Gabriela Bee of the Eh Bee Family to create a Boomwhacky version of Jonas Blue’s Rise featuring Jack & Jack!

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